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Sometimes I’m a bit late to the party on certain blog “memes”. Sometimes I don’t see them for a while and others I need a while to mull over before I can write my own post in response. This particular “meme” required more thought on my part than some others. But it was worth it, this is such a lovely idea.
Inspired by Susanna Conway’s post My ABC of Important Things.

A is for…Art

I’m an artist and art of all forms will always be a large part of my life. I feel so content and happy when I am surrounded by art or when I’m creating something that makes me happy.

B is for…Books

Above art, books may be the best thing in the world, maybe. I remember when I first feel truly in love with books and they have been a constant friend and companion since then. I would spend days at the bookstore if I was allowed to. The one material thing I really hoard is books.

C is for…Change

I’ve talked a lot about change on this blog and I have to say that while yes, small things are always changing on a daily basis for all of us…I feel like the last 3 years my life has been a constant large change, one after another. Good or bad? I’m not sure but it’s an important thing in my life that is always always happening and something that I try very hard to not let trip me up.

D is for…Dreams

I dream large and far and way too hard sometimes. Most of the time, my dreams seem impossible to reach but if I stopped dreaming as much as I do, I would be less of me.

explore: abc of important things ©Kendra Kantor

E is for…Explore

I want to explore the world. Cities, countries, parks, forests…but I also want to explore myself and all the art and projects I can get my hands on. Without exploration of some kind…what are we left with?

F is for…Family

This is a big one for me. Family is it, it’s life. It’s the most important thing we have.

G is for…Growth

This idea or theme might be repeated in different wordings once or twice on this list. This year I’ve grown a lot physically (growing a baby is hard work and also means a growing body!) but I’m also still looking for my own personal growth. I’ve started a personal blog series that focuses on learning things about myself and growing.

H is for…Home

Family and home are almost synonymous for me. I will always think of where my parents and my family are as ‘home’. I’ve also been thinking of Illinois as ‘home’ even since I moved to Boston in 2009, I still hung on to this little part of home and family. And now here I am…back home.

home: abc of important things ©Kendra Kantor

I is for…influence

I’ve discussed this before and it still rings true. I want to be an influence and a role model for other creatives, other young girls with mental illnesses and creative passions. I want to help them.

J is for…Jeffrey

My first child. My first son.

K is for…Kendra

Because just as I’m learning to grow and change…I’m on a hunt for finding myself. Every time I write that I feel so cliche and like it probably sounds fake but it’s not. I’ve lost my way, or maybe I never even had it but I need to find it and I need to find me.

L is for…Love

I don’t think there’s anything else to say about this one. It just is.

love: abc of important things ©Kendra Kantor

M is for…Mama

Soon soon soon, I will be one! How much more important of a role is there in life?

N is for…Nature

I love nature, pure and simple. The trees and the birds and the lakes and the smell of grass. It just speaks to me and calms me.

O is for…Optimism

This is important because I need to learn to have more of it in my life. By nature, I’m a very pessimistic person and it’s something I’ve always held on to. Between my depression and anxiety, it’s hard to break away from it but I know it’s something I should – and will – work on.

P is for…Peace

Of course I had to include peace on my list. Peace is my word for 2012, in case you didn’t know or you forgot. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been as diligent about remembering to bring peace into my life lately. I know I know, I picked this word for a reason, a good large huge reason. It’s something I need in my life more than I need optimism. I need peace. I need to practice it.

peace: abc of important things ©Kendra Kantor

Q is for…Questions

It seems no matter what I do, I’m always coming up with questions. About life, about myself, about others, about blogging, about nature, about science…all of it and any of it. Some things I question have answers but for the most part, my questions seem un-answerable and it can be frustrating but I love it about myself. I love having the nature and thought process to constantly question and learn new things.

R is for…RV

Scott, my fiance and I, dream of owning an RV and traveling the country endlessly. I want to see everything and more and would love to be free to just go, to drive and drive and see.

S is for…Silly

One of my favorites on this list. Scott, my fiance and I are just about the silliest people I know most of the time. I think our children are going to be so embarrassed by us constantly because I don’t think we’ll ever grow up and I think we’ll always be silly and close and loving to each other.

T is for…Truth

Tell it. Believe it. You owe it to yourself to tell the truth to others, or if you’re not ready for that at least to yourself.

unbound: abc of important things ©Kendra Kantor

U is for…Unbound

I want to be free. (anyone else just get Queen in their head? No?) Sometimes, I think I’m crazy or selfish for wanting to be free of the ‘normal’ life. But I want to be unbound from all the normal responsibilities and demands of every day life.

V is for…Vintage

I love me some good vintage finds and always will. I’m really not the best thrift-er or antique-er but when I pick something up it’s because I love it and that’s all that matters.

W is for…Writing

Writing has always been a huge part of my life. Someday, I’ll get back to writing fiction/fantasy and maybe even one day I’ll finish a novel (or two), but even now writing my words down on my blog is one of my favorite things to do and takes up a large amount of my time.

X is for…eXcited

Cheating because I can’t come up with anything (what is your ‘x’ word?). I’ve admitted that I’m scared as hell to have this baby and be a mother for the first time but deep down I’m so so so excited!

eXcited: abc of important things ©Kendra Kantor

Y is for…Yearn

This is important but sometimes I feel it’s detrimental as well. Or rather, sometimes I feel it’s detrimental because it feels…not normal because I don’t see as many other people (in the blogosphere or the ‘real world’) who talk about yearning for so many things that I do. Not just that I’m unhappy with everything I have (I’m unhappy with a lot, but a good bit of that is my depression) but I yearn to see things and do things and experience things and accomplish things. So many and all the time that it’s overwhelming.

Z is for…Zeal

I’m repeating myself again, I know. But while there is a lot of things in life that I yearn for, I don’t often come up with much zeal to accomplish or finish anything. This is another important word that I need to incorporate into my life more, it’s important and maybe if I had more of it I would do more things I want and need to do with my life.

What is on your ABC of Important Things list?




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