Photo Friday- Project 366: Month 1

Even though I may be crazy to take on such a time intensive project the same year I have my first child, nevertheless, I’m doing a Project 366 this year! It’s fun to dedicate myself to something that takes so much time and thought on a daily basis. It can be quite the challenge to think of something to take a photo of everyday. Most days I do about the same thing: sleep, work/play on the computer, maybe do an art project, make and eat dinner, relax. It’s not always that exciting and I don’t leave the house everyday either so different to photograph that isn’t my cat everyday has been a hard (but good) challenge for me.

I created a tumblr that I update daily with my image for the day but I thought every month I would do a recap post with all the pictures here as well.

Below is a small thumbnail gallery of the images from January. Click on an image to be taken to the full image on tumblr. I picked out a few from the month that are my favorite to show full size too.

4/366 ©Kendra Kantor

4/366 Early morning on my 21st birthday.

1/366 ©Kendra Kantor2/366 ©Kendra Kantor3/366 ©Kendra Kantor4/366 ©Kendra Kantor

5/366 ©Kendra Kantor6/366 ©Kendra Kantor7/366 ©Kendra Kantor8/366 ©Kendra Kantor

14/366 ©Kendra Kantor

14/366 Light from streetlights and cars through the window in our living room.

9/366 ©Kendra Kantor10/366 ©Kendra Kantor11/366 ©Kendra Kantor12/366 ©Kendra Kantor

13/366 ©Kendra Kantor14/366 ©Kendra Kantor15/366 ©Kendra Kantor 16/366 ©Kendra Kantor

20/366 ©Kendra Kantor

20/366 Blueberries.

17/366 ©Kendra Kantor18/366 ©Kendra Kantor19/366 ©Kendra Kantor20/366 ©Kendra Kantor

21/366 ©Kendra Kantor22/366 ©Kendra Kantor23/366 ©Kendra Kantor24/366 ©Kendra Kantor

29/366 ©Kendra Kantor

29/366 Oogie-Boogie.

25/366 ©Kendra Kantor 26/366 ©Kendra Kantor27/366 ©Kendra Kantor 28/366 ©Kendra Kantor

29/366 ©Kendra Kantor30/366 ©Kendra Kantor31/366 ©Kendra Kantor






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Are you doing a Project 366? I’d love to see, be sure to send me a link!

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  1. Posted 02/03/2012 at 9:50 pm | Permalink

    I drive down to Oakland every day (almost!) and had Noodles & Co. for the first time a few weeks ago — SOOO worth it! That view is one of my favorites, how the city just kind of creeps up from around the bend :)

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