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Last week, I was feeling very ‘blah’. For the week or two previous, I thought I was doing pretty well. Not too many panic attacks and low anxiety overall. And then last week hit and it was a bad one. Anxiety all over the place, in a general funk and feeling so unmotivated and not inspired to write or do much of anything. I just wanted to sleep. (but of course, that’s not an option with a 10 month old!)

So one day, I said to Scott, “I need an inspiring life.” After he had suggested I read or watch something inspiring. But I didn’t want to live through someone, I wanted to experience it myself.

He responded with, “What’s not inspiring now?”


And I agreed. Sometimes, mundane is inspiring. I am in constant awe of my growing child. I watch him as he learns to turn the pages of a book, as he plays with his abacus to figure out how it works and I think, “He is so amazing.”

But that’s all I do, all day. I watch him play and learn and grow.

And it’s amazing and beautiful and awe-inspiring and daily, I want to cry because what is happening and he is growing up so so fast before my eyes I can’t believe it. (He started walking, WALKING! this weekend!)

But yet, I yearn for something more. More what I couldn’t tell you. But I know there is still something missing.

We have a space of our own now, I have a new camera to play with, a son to watch grow and I’m helping women. But what else do I need? I think I need adventures, friends, new eyes for my life.


What does your inspired life look like?




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  1. Posted 03/26/2013 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

    One of the things that’s funny about trying to live an inspired life is the fact that sometimes when you’re sitting in the midst of it, it’s hard to see. I know there have been so many times when people have said things to me after I’ve written a blog post or something and say that they admire what I write and how I’m aspiring to live a creative life in the city, and it’s so hard to say, “Thank you for reading along,” instead of, “What are you talking about? I spent all day in my yoga pants thinking about how I suck at organizing my house.” But yet… here I am writing poems and making big plans with my friends.

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