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Creating an Inspired Life

Last week, I was feeling very ‘blah’. For the week or two previous, I thought I was doing pretty well. Not too many panic attacks and low anxiety overall. And then last week hit and it was a bad one. Anxiety all over the place, in a general funk and feeling so unmotivated and not […]

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ABC of Important Things

Sometimes I’m a bit late to the party on certain blog “memes”. Sometimes I don’t see them for a while and others I need a while to mull over before I can write my own post in response. This particular “meme” required more thought on my part than some others. But it was worth it, […]

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Trying Something New- Rubber Stamps

Hello Monday! It’s pouring rain outside, still. I got soaking wet going to class today. I had planned on getting ice cream and junk food and vegging out in front of the TV watching movies and pigging out, trying to eat away the rain and sadness. However, once I got home with goodies, I felt […]

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