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A Short Look at Who I Am As A Writer

I’m not usually one for blog meme kind of things but this is one that I wanted to share today because writing has been on my brain lately. With my new book coming out soon, I would love to share with you more about who I am as a writer. It’s been a long time […]

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Dis-Engaging From My Thoughts and Using Art as a Reminder

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from working with Naomi Goodlet so far was this: Just because I have a thought, doesn’t mean I have to engage that thought. As much as anxiety is a physical feeling, at it’s core it is reaction to our thoughts. I’m learning that if I […]

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“The Things I Know About Anxiety” My First Spoken Word Poem

*Disclaimer: I feel very passionate about being 100% real and honest on my blog. That means I will sometimes be sharing personal experiences that might be a trigger for some of you reading it. Please be aware of that before reading the below post (and any posts on my blog) On Friday, I posted a […]

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