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Kendra’s Weekly Tips

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream in one of the new bowls from my pretty green Pyrex set of 3! I’ll share a picture of the set soon. 1) Give yourself a deadline for personal projects. Better than that, tell the world when your deadline is. When working on my new travel and lifestyle blog, Loose […]

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Kendra’s Weekly Tips

Everything I do (especially on the floor), she has to stick her little nose in, get my attention and see what’s going on! So cute. 1) Shower in candle-light. Everyone always talks about taking a bath by candle-light, well my bathtub isn’t one I’m willing to sit down in but the light in the bathroom […]

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Outdoors Week: Kendra’s Weekly Tips

March 21st-25th is Outdoors Week here at Like a Bird in honor of the launch of my second blog, co-authored by my fiance. (click HERE for more info) Our new blog is all about adventures, treasures and love. All regular posts will be going up this week, but with themes similar to the new blog. […]

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