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5 Lessons and 8 Posts From 2 Years of Mamahood

On April 28th, my son turned 2 years old. I’ve talked off and on about mamahood here and I’ve collaborated on some great projects about it as well. This is not meant to be a mommy blog but I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned about being a mama over the years. None […]

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Super Excited and Ridiculously Overwhelmed

Part of me is super excited. The rest of my is ridiculously overwhelmed. I am content. Then frustrated and angry. I am hopeful. Then anxious and sad. I am making goals and taking action but suddenly it’s becoming too much because I’m lacking the vital support I need to do this. This post is part […]

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Viewing My Anxiety as an Outside Force

One of the meditations I’ve learned recently is to help accept anxiety as it is. It starts with visualizing the anxiety in your body. See it as an object, what is the color, shape, texture etc. Every single time I do this meditation, I see myself lying down (I’m always in a grove in a […]

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