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A Detailed Look At Feeling Fulfilled After Losing Your Passion: Do Things You Enjoy

One of the most popular posts on my blog over the years was one I wrote in 2012 called “5 Ways To Feel Fulfilled After Losing Your Passion”. Over the next few months, I want to expand on my original list, share each of the 5 ways to feel fulfilled in more depth and from […]

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You Are Beautiful

“You are beautiful” I wrote this reminder to myself on my mirror. I want you to remember this too. You are beautiful. You might have more curves, you might have less curves, you might be right in the middle and you. are. still. beautiful. Your hands are beautiful because of what they achieve. You sculpt, […]

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Your Journey to Recovery Can Be Rewarding (plus, get a signed copy of my new book!)

Your journey to recovery will be a lot of work. It will be hard. It will take work and effort and lots of tears and lots of failures before you succeed (and then a few more failures). Your journey will be swathed in doubt and pain. You will have days you want to hide and […]

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