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Breakfast Picnic

In the essence of being honest I’m going to share the whole story of how our breakfast picnic came to be. Ready? Thursday evening, Scott and I were talking about taking a day trip to Erie, PA. We’ve been wanting to go and it just seemed like a good time. But after some talking, I […]

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7 Random Things About Me

(me, March 2011) I’m not usually much for memes and such but my lovely friend Angie granted me my first ever blog award and I thought I would do it, for fun and because I haven’t posted random facts about myself in a while. 1. I’ve been on a post-it note binge lately. Writing everything […]

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A Photo (or more) an Hour

Note: VERY image heavy post ahead Most days are pretty boring around here. I sleep in, drink coffee, blog, watch something on hulu then my fiance gets home and we have dinner and game or just hang out most of the night. Last week, I had some ideas rolling around in my head and I […]

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