Photo Friday- Project 366: Month 3

Month 3!! It’s going pretty fast already. So in March, I missed 2 days and I’m a little sad about it but at the same time pretty proud of myself for how much I’ve actually accomplished so far this year. I honestly thought I would bomb out of this within a week or two but it’s been 91 days and I’ve only missed 3 total and have managed to take photos for 88 days this year!

I have the feeling April and May will be even tougher as baby could come at any time now and once he does I’ll be in a post-labor haze for a while and new baby dream for even longer. I’m hoping the instagrm app for android comes out pronto so I can use that for a while haha!

Here’s my March in a nice little round up:

66/366 ©Kendra Kantor

66/366 ©Kendra Kantor A shot of my 32 week baby bump! I’ve changed so much since the first one I took like this on January 2nd!

61/366 ©Kendra Kantor 62/366 ©Kendra Kantor 63/366 ©Kendra Kantor 64/366 ©Kendra Kantor

65/366 ©Kendra Kantor 66/366 ©Kendra Kantor 67/366 ©Kendra Kantor 68/366 ©Kendra Kantor

70/366 ©Kendra Kantor

70/366 ©Kendra Kantor Window silhouette/shadow on the wall.

69/366 ©Kendra Kantor 70/366 ©Kendra Kantor 71/366 ©Kendra Kantor 72/366 ©Kendra Kantor

73/366 ©Kendra Kantor 74/366 ©Kendra Kantor 75/366 ©Kendra Kantor 76/366 ©Kendra Kantor

82/366 ©Kendra Kantor

82/366 ©Kendra Kantor Trees in bloom. There’s a tree in our backyard that’s been there for at least 15 years and in the last 2 years, it’s started blooming in the spring.

77/366 ©Kendra Kantor 78/366 ©Kendra Kantor 79/366 ©Kendra Kantor 80/366 ©Kendra Kantor

81/366 ©Kendra Kantor 82/366 ©Kendra Kantor 83/366 ©Kendra Kantor 84/366 ©Kendra Kantor

87/366 ©Kendra Kantor

87/366 Started nesting today and washed all newborn-3 month baby clothes+blankets and odds and ends.

85/366 ©Kendra Kantor 86/366 ©Kendra Kantor 87/366 ©Kendra Kantor 88/366 ©Kendra Kantor

89/366 ©Kendra Kantor 90/366 ©Kendra Kantor 91/366 ©Kendra Kantor

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