Photo Friday-Project 366: Month 5

For May, I created a Photo-A-Day Challenge and opened up the challenge to all of you. I honestly had every intention of using the prompts (mostly), but it just didn’t work out that way. I used maybe 5 or 6 at most and most of the rest of my photos for May are of Jeff. Oh and they are also mostly on my phone, oops! I’m going to try to do better in June.

Anyways, here are my images from May!

125/366 ©Kendra Kantor

125/366 ©Kendra Kantor Took the baby out on the deck today.

122/366 ©Kendra Kantor 123/366 ©Kendra Kantor 124/366 ©Kendra Kantor 125/366 ©Kendra Kantor

126/366 ©Kendra Kantor 127/366 ©Kendra Kantor 128/366 ©Kendra Kantor 129/366 ©Kendra Kantor

134/366 ©Kendra Kantor

134/366 ©Kendra Kantor At the park.

130/366 ©Kendra Kantor 131/366 ©Kendra Kantor 132/366 ©Kendra Kantor 133/366 ©Kendra Kantor

134/366 ©Kendra Kantor 135/366 ©Kendra Kantor 136/366 ©Kendra Kantor 137/366 ©Kendra Kantor

145/366 ©Kendra Kantor

145/366 ©Kendra Kantor Baked some rainbow cupcakes for fiance’s birthday! They were yummy!

138/366 ©Kendra Kantor 139/366 ©Kendra Kantor 140/366 ©Kendra Kantor 141/366 ©Kendra Kantor

142/366 ©Kendra Kantor 143/366 ©Kendra Kantor 144/366 ©Kendra Kantor145/366 ©Kendra Kantor

151/366 ©Kendra Kantor

151/366 ©Kendra Kantor Baby’s been such a champ at holding his head up since day 1!

146/366 ©Kendra Kantor 147/366 ©Kendra Kantor 148/366 ©Kendra Kantor 149/366 ©Kendra Kantor

150/366 ©Kendra Kantor 151/366 ©Kendra Kantor 152/366 ©Kendra Kantor

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